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4 Easy Foods that go Great with Moringa Seeds

4 Easy Foods that go Great with Moringa Seeds

4 Easy Foods that go Great with Moringa Seeds

Moringa has been used for centuries in Asia and Africa to supplement vitamins and minerals to support a healthy balanced diet. With over 46 antioxidants and 92 nutrients, the only problem is that for some people, the taste of the seeds can be quite bitter! So even though moringa seeds are a much easier way to consume and enjoy the benefits of moringa than say powder, it can also be an acquired taste when the seeds are eaten by themselves.

But thankfully, if you are someone that can’t take the bitter taste of moringa seeds, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve been beavering away experimenting with different foods, (some more successfully than others!) to come up with 4 easy foods to help you enjoy your MagicTree Moringa seeds in a variety of ways and flavours.


Fruit smoothies

This one is super easy and great because you can mask the flavour of the moringa with the fruits of your choice. Crush a couple of seeds with a mortar and pestle to get a fine powder, then mix it into your smoothie. Stronger citrus fruits like lemons and oranges mask the flavour of the moringa more, while greener smoothies with vegetables that have an earthier flavour actually complements the moringa taste. In fact, the thing that gives moringa the bitter flavour is the mustard oils which is the same thing that gives cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli and Cabbage that green flavour. These mustard oils help detoxify the body, so the strength of that earthy green taste is actually directly proportional to the plants healing power. We always recommend getting creative and to try different fruits until you find a flavour that suits you.


Porridge is ideal for adding supplements. Whether its sunflower seeds, nuts, turmeric or, on our more experimental days even spirulina, porridge is a one stop shop for loading up on natural supplements. And of course moringa is no different. Again crush a couple of moringa seeds, and once you’ve added some cinnamon and nutmeg you will barely even notice its there! Of course no need to go as far as turning your porridge green, just an insight into how experimental you can get. 


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Moringa is actually a common curry ingredient in some regions in India. In fact, moringa fruit is the special ingredient at the heart of traditional gravy and sambar recipes customarily eaten every Tuesday and Sunday in the Tamil Nadu region (might be useful in a pub quiz one day), so this dish is natural inclusion for the list. Rather than moringa fruit, sprinkle in ground moringa seeds into the stew.




Moringa pancakes made with moringa leaf powder are now quite a common dish. Although the flavour between powder and seeds are different you can add ground moringa seeds to your batter before cooking the pancakes. The flavour will be milder and can then also mask or compliment the taste further by eating the pancakes in a sweet or savoury manner.


These 4 dishes will hopefully help you to enjoy the benefits of moringa seeds better. Of course, there are many other dishes moringa seed powder can be added to, virtually any baked good or stewed dish. Once you grind the kernels into powder, moringa becomes super versatile to use!

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