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Is Shilajit good for your health? Know its Health Benefits

Is Shilajit good for your health? Know its Health Benefits

Shilajit is one of the many herb and mineral combinations used in Ayurveda, a medicinal practice that has been practised for hundreds of years. It has been used in traditional herbal therapy to treat a variety of diseases. It is rich in minerals and contains fulvic acid, a major chemical.

Shilajit, a dark-brownish resin, is formed from rock layers found in various mountain ranges across the world, including the Himalayan, Tibetan, and Altai highlands. Ultra-pure, organic shilajit is a more potent form of shilajit. Typically, the more pure it is, the easier it is to see the benefits.

Despite the fact that the names mineral tar and resin are sometimes used to describe it, Shilajit is not one of them. It is a very thick, viscous substance that looks like tar or resin and is very dark brown or black in colour, yet unlike these, it is easily soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. An authentic Shilajit taste should be bitter and earthy, which may take some getting used to- however the benefits make you grow to love it.

Benefits of Shilajit

  •       Helps in preventing heart problems

Shilajit's antioxidant qualities may allow it to serve as a cardiotonic. Its ability to improve cardiac function and protect the heart from myocardial injury has been established in animal studies. Blood cholesterol levels, which are a risk factor for heart problems such as atherosclerosis, may benefit from the benefits of shilajit as well.

  •       Regulates blood sugar level

Shilajit, especially when used in conjunction with other diabetes medications, can assist diabetic patients decrease their blood glucose and lipid profiles, which may be of interest to those who have the disease.

D-400, Diabecon, and GlucoCare all include shilajit as a significant ingredient. With the help of this supplement, you may take the most effective Ayurvedic natural remedies in only one pill. D-400 is able to reverse pancreatic damage brought on by diabetes while lowering blood glucose levels.

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  •       Improves stamina

Shilajit is considered a rasayana or renewing treatment in ayurveda and siddha medicine, revitalising the body, reducing ailments, and improving your quality of life. This ayurvedic medicine might be an excellent option to explore if you need to enhance your stamina or revitalise your body. Shilajit, which includes a considerable quantity of fulvic acid, can help you overcome weariness and weakness by providing you with the energy you require. In addition to increasing immunity, the medicine assists in energy production.

  •       Helps in preventing cancer

Shilajit has the capacity to prevent the growth of tumours and destroy cancer cells. This could be as a result of its immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. During cancer treatment, it could assist in preventing radiation-induced damage. In one animal experiment, it assisted in preserving the ovaries while reducing the oxidative stress and cell damage brought on by radiation.

  •       Breaks addiction

Shilajit has a substantial influence on the recovery process due to the unique way it interacts with other psychoactive drugs. When given to patients who are going off opioids, it minimises the true addiction and reduces withdrawal symptoms, typically better than standard medications used to eliminate reliance.


  •       Maintains stress level

If stress is a constant companion, shilajit has adaptogenic properties that you may take advantage of. Shilajit, when coupled with Pure ashwagandha, holy basil, shatavari, and bindii, has been demonstrated in 17 herbal formulations to improve your body's ability to regulate and deal with stress. These herbs' adaptogenic properties help in restoring normal physiological functioning that may have been impeded by stress. Furthermore, this potent herbal mixture has the potential to be as effective as well-known and commonly used restorative and rejuvenating medications such as ginseng.


  •       Reduces the Pain Response

Shilajit has long been praised by ayurvedic medicine for its ability to alleviate pain, but research on the material was limited until recently. This herb considerably lowers orofacial discomfort by acting as a "sedating agent" in the brain due to its interaction with GABA levels.

Shilajit interacts effectively with morphine in terms of pain relief, decreasing the development of morphine tolerance and, as a consequence, lowering the amount of this medicine that a person in severe pain would need to inject to offer effective pain relief.

  •       Improves Brain Health

For the purpose of safeguarding brain cells, Shilajit seems to have a particular strategy. There are "distinct and considerable neuroprotective benefits" to it, according to early study.

This amazing vitamin could be able to provide moderate Alzheimer's disease patients a novel treatment alternative. Early studies showed promising results when fulvic acid was present with a treatment regimen that included B complex vitamin injections.

Shilajit's potential to guard against dementia might be attributed to the fulvic acid it contains. Fulvic acid, a component of this herbal medicine, could help by halting the accumulation of tau proteins. In people with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease or cognitive impairment, tau protein accumulation has been seen. Tau protein accumulation is hypothesised to damage brain cells involved in learning and memory.



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